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Does My Sappy Music Playlist Contribute to My Depressed Mood?

When you’re feeling depressed, do you want to turn on your K-Pop playlist and dance? Most people would say no. When we’re feeling sad, hopeless, or depressed, we’re much more likely to turn on a playlist of sappy music that reinforces those feelings. What most people don’t know is that this common behavior can actually prolong or increase feelings of depression. Seriously. Your sappy music playlists might just be keeping you depressed. We’ll talk more about this concept, called behavioral activation, in this blog and how this idea is used to by therapists to help people change their behaviors and moods for the better. If you’re interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to contact your Annapolis therapist at Cedar Counseling & Wellness to schedule a consultation.

What is Behavioral Activation?

Behavioral activation is a specific strategy used to address depression symptoms as part of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Behavioral activation is based on the fundamental idea behind CBT, essentially the things we do impact the way we think and feel. Simply put, behavioral activation is a technical way to describe something you have probably experienced numerous times. When you’re already feeling sad or depressed, listening to sad music, staying in bed all day, watching sad movies, or otherwise engaging in depressing behaviors can all prolong or increase feelings of depression. This connection between behavior and thoughts and feelings plays a significant role in how therapists provide support for people who are struggling with depression.

How Can I Use Behavioral Activation to Combat Depression Symptoms?

As psychologists learned more about behavioral activation, they realized that it might be possible to harness the power of behavioral activation for good. If listening to your emo music playlist can prolong your depression, switching over to upbeat music may be a good start to feeling better. During depression therapy, CBT and behavioral activation specifically may be utilized to help people combat the negative effects of depression. This is why therapists encourage people with depression to do homework tasks like showering every day, making their beds, cleaning the dishes, and completing other small daily chores. It may seem tedious and unhelpful, but performing these little routines can significantly improve depression symptoms and help you get back to feeling like yourself again more quickly.

Want to Learn More?

Behavioral activation sounds easy enough right? You may be saying to yourself, “I’m sad. I’ll just listen to upbeat music and make my bed. Then, I’ll be cured. Perfect. Why am I still in bed?” It’s not easy to combat depression, especially not alone. Therapy in and of itself is a kind of behavioral activation. You don’t have to overcome depression symptoms on your own. If you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma response, or you just want to work on leading a more fulfilling life, therapy may be a great option. When you’re ready to learn more, the Cedar Counseling & Wellness team would love to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to call us, or you can use our simple online scheduling tool to set up your consultation visit.

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