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Adult Counseling

Adult therapy in Annapolis, Maryland

You spend so much time wondering if life will always be this demanding. You are exhausted, burned out, and not sure that reality matches the vision you had for adulthood.


At Cedar Counseling & Wellness, our goal is to provide a safe place to explore these questions and overcome the barriers that are getting in your way of creating lasting change. 

Why do adults come to therapy?

Being an adult might not be all you thought it would be. As children, we envision adulthood as freedom, autonomy, happy relationships, and successful careers. You knew it wouldn't be perfect, but you didn't realize it would be quite this difficult.


You may be wondering if you're on the right path. Maybe your life has all the "right pieces," but you're left feeling unsatisfied. You're hoping someone can help you take a step back and make sure that your life is structured in a way that brings meaning, fulfillment,  and joy. 

On the other hand, you may be grieving the loss of the things you hoped adulthood would bring. Maybe you've been unable to create the family you envisioned, or you don't think you are where you "should" be in your career. Seeing others have what you're yearning for is causing pain, and you don't know how to process it. 

You may be coming to therapy to finally address unresolved wounds from your younger years. 

You may feel ready to address mental health conditions like anxiety or depression. Maybe they've been part of your life for years and you're just now realizing it. Maybe they are new struggles that have come with all the added stress that adulthood brings, and you're ready to get help. 

You may be wanting help addressing relationship troubles in your life. Maybe you struggle to set boundaries or communicate effectively, and you're looking for guidance and tools. 

You may be looking to repair your relationship with yourself. Perhaps your self-talk has become overly critical and shaming, and you need someone to help you develop greater self-worth, self-confidence, and self-compassion. 

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